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  /  Business   /  6 Helpful Reasons Why You Should Go For Pre-production Inspection

6 Helpful Reasons Why You Should Go For Pre-production Inspection

By now, you must have heard about the importance of pre-production inspection. Well, if you haven’t heard about it yet or are wondering why it’s important, then this article will explain the six important reasons why you should go for pre-production inspection in the manufacturing industry.

1) Identify The Problem

The problem is that when a product goes through production, most people have not had time to actually see it or check it over and make sure that everything is as they expect. When you order things online, you take a risk of receiving something different than what you expected and while returns are sometimes available or refunded, in many cases it isn’t worth all of the hassle. By performing a pre-production inspection, you get to ensure that your expectations match up with what has been made. This can save time and money during production by getting rid of faulty components and allowing for easy fixes before anything goes into packaging or shipping.

2) Understand Your Needs

Before you hire a company for pre-production inspection services, make sure that you’re 100% clear on what you want them to do. How will you use their findings? What kind of actionable items are important to you, and which ones aren’t? Are there certain items that must be addressed before your production process begins, or can you wait until after your first run is complete? Do they offer 3rd party verification on any of their findings? If so, who and what type of validation will be provided? Without taking these questions into consideration ahead of time, it’s very likely that a Quality Control Service provider won’t be able to meet your needs—leading to a waste of both time and money.

3) Make A Plan And Implement It

The pre-production inspection (PPI) is one of those important things that should be written in stone somewhere. The PPI is an opportunity to catch any major issues before your product goes into production. Since you likely have a supplier ready or at least have some sort of vague idea about what your eventual manufacturer will be like, it’s a good idea to start planning for your PPI as soon as possible. In fact, it’s recommended that new entrepreneurs do a pre-PI as soon as they start planning their product—not after they get into full production mode and are hundreds of thousands of dollars invested. If you want something done right, do it yourself!

4) Do The Research

Before you decide on a manufacturer, you should do your homework. Who has produced similar products in other industries? Have they had good customer feedback and reviews? Are they flexible enough to meet your specific needs? What is their turnaround time for production and delivery? Do they have any certifications or recognition that speak to their capabilities as a manufacturer? If not, consider using another manufacturer. These questions will help you better understand how manufacturers operate, which can give you an idea of what to expect from them and even help prevent some of the mishaps along the way. To learn more about getting quotes for printing services check out our website Print Brokerage today!

5) Explore All Options

Anytime you’re ready to take on a project, whether it’s building your own home or buying a car, it pays to explore all your options. Going in with your eyes wide open will give you peace of mind, knowing that you chose a company that knows what they’re doing and is qualified to get the job done right. There are many important factors to consider when choosing a third party inspection firm, such as how long they’ve been in business and how experienced their employees are. Do they conduct their inspections on-site or off? What sort of warranties comes with their services? Would they be able to provide you with personal references and a list of past projects? It’s always best to know all your options before making any big decisions!

6) Time Is Of The Essence

It’s important to get your products tested early and often. Whether you have a company that makes a physical product or provides a service, testing is critical to ensure quality control and also to discover potential glitches in your system. Test it yourself before handing it off to an inspector, test it while a third party is doing it, or do both. Get people involved who are willing to work with you on an ongoing basis and allow them sufficient time—and access—to figure out any problems. It’s not just about finding out what might go wrong; it’s also about working with someone who can suggest improvements in processes or materials that will lead to better efficiency and cost savings for you down the road.

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