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  /  General   /  Do social media influencers impact people’s purchase decisions?
Do social media influencers impact people's purchase decisions?

Do social media influencers impact people’s purchase decisions?

Even if you’ve never heard of it, influencers are now having an increasingly important part in promotional campaigns for several businesses.

There seems to be an online influencer for just about every brand, be it promoting cosmetics products, a fancy purse, the current model Vehicle, or perhaps even the trendy knitting accessories, and many more brands are jumping on the influencer marketing trend as one way to strengthen brand advertising or sales initiatives.

But the real question is how do they do it? How can somebody change someone’s decision about what they should get for them? In this article, we’ll focus on the three tactics that fashion bloggers such as the gorgeous and amazing Kendra Rowe use certain psychological concepts to motivate their followers to take action.

Boost Brand Recognition

One of the most important advantages of online influencers is that they have full knowledge of the mediums they use, as well as how to create relevant and interesting material that will increase brand recognition.

Such influencers had sometimes invested a long time cultivating strong followings and boosting the feeling of belonging and inclusion among respective communities. Experts know how to develop great strong relationships with customers that deliver your brand narrative flawlessly thanks to their sophisticated presentation and narration talents.

Even if it is as easy as just an Instagram post with quite an appealing quote or a video tutorial on youtube that makes it easier for customers to comprehend a product’s extra advanced functionality. Finest influencers could incorporate the brand story out of their visual style, making advertising services appear very genuine.

Relations with customers Should Be Strengthened

According to some research, more than 77% of customers had good relations with the brands for several years and still continuing. And interestingly 66% of customers who trust the brand make additional steps to shop from their trusted brands. 

But if you want to build a connection with customers, you need to have exposure in front of your intended audience and strengthen their ties throughout their group, contributing to the attaining status aspect.

However, as compared to brands’ claims, people trust more ordinary people’s opinions. And there is a big role here of social media influencers. If your product is popular in this community, its popularity can reach an extent.

Unbiased Opinions Can Help people Make Better Purchasing Decisions

Another thing worth noting is that influencers are excellent narrators. Those people can figure out ways to connect skillfully with particular customers, and they’ll do it without being overly salesy. Customers believe influencers for a variety of reasons, one of which is that people often relate to them in a deeper sense. They are familiar with them and like their company. It all comes down to making connections’ and ‘gaining status.’

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