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  /  Top Rank   /  Elden Ring DLC datamine indicates capability leaves area for 30 new bosses
Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring DLC datamine indicates capability leaves area for 30 new bosses

Elden Ring DLC may want to quickly be getting a large DLC release, in line with a latest datamine into the game`s 1.07 replace.

As highlighted on Reddit(opens in new tab) (the usage of data from Twitter user @sekirodubi(opens in new tab)), the maximum latest Elden Ring replace from early ultimate month seems to be hiding suggestions to a ability destiny DLC. According to the submit, the datamine famous such things as new weapon categories, new legacy dungeon-associated map files, and doubtlessly 30 new bosses.

More specifically, the submit says that the data miner determined 30 boss flags “for DLC purposes”. Before you begin making plans how you will take down all of those new bosses though, it is really well worth noting that it is not likely that we are going to be getting precisely that amount. As defined withinside the Reddit submit, there may be a segment withinside the game’s code where ‘boss flags’ are declared, and proper now there may be area for 30 flags, however what is much more likely is round 10 – 15 new bosses, if Elden Ring DLC is in reality at the way.

Other matters exposed withinside the 1.07 replace are such things as new hair, six new (unnamed) weapon categories, and new AI goals. It turned into additionally discovered that the ability DLC may want to consist of new legacy dungeon map files, new Colosseum map files, and map modifications made at maximum divine towers.

Finally, the dataminer additionally noticed sixteen NPC entries withinside the files, every of which has been classified as “Someone Yet Unseen” – which makes it look like we’re going to be getting brand-new NPCs in an upcoming replace too. It’s pleasant to take what is contained withinside the submit with a grain of salt till Bandai Namco/FromSoftware publicizes whether or not we genuinely have become a few Elden Ring DLC quickly.

Ray tracing and new areas

Elden Ring DLC 1.07 replace is now stay and the community`s dataminers have exposed a few instead thrilling matters which might be probably coming to the sport soon.

The first component of be aware is that FromSoft seems to be upgrading the sport`s visuals to consist of ray tracing. Nothing authentic has been showed through the builders so far, however consistent with Souls guru Lance McDonald, dataminer sennoutantei has discovered “menu strings associated with ray tracing features” withinside the code of the replace.

Perhaps even greater thrilling is that the replace additionally includes “references to 2 new maps that don’t but in any other case exist in the sport data.” While we don`t realize what those regions can be or appearance like, that is nearly in reality From making ready the sport for upcoming DLC.

Barbarians of the Badlands

A leak has claimed to show the primary Elden Ring DLC inclusive of a brand new location, the Badlands.

Elden Ring DLC is taken into consideration greater of a whilst than an if, however if a brand new leak is to be believed, we`ll quickly be taking a experience out of the Lands Between and into the Badlands `past the fog.`

The leak turned into discovered with the aid of using Twitter user @hy_plus, who shared an picture complete of upcoming recreation content material with `Elden Ring: Barbarians of the Badlands` indexed amongst them. As for the validity of the leak, the account did comply with up with some other tweet which (roughly) interprets to saying “That image truely unfold the unreliable information that turned into circulating in China, so I deleted it first”.

Elden Ring DLC gamers will recall the Badlands as a area outdoor of the Lands Between, and because the area wherein the Tarnished had been exiled as soon as Godfrey/Horah Loux `misplaced his grace` and turned into stripped of his name as first Elden Lord.

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