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  /  Law   /  Find out why you need a truck accident lawyer
Find out why you need a truck accident lawyer

Find out why you need a truck accident lawyer

Any accident is traumatic, but a road mishap involving a commercial truck, semi-truck, or 18-wheeler could be fatal. Unfortunately, such crashes and wrecks happen every now and then in Orange County. If you were injured in a truck accident, you need to explore all legal options. Remember that recovering a settlement won’t be easy as you are up against large insurance companies that will adhere to all possible tactics to deny your claim. In this post, we are discussing why it is so relevant and pertinent to hire a truck accident lawyer.

  1. You may have a long road to recovery. Even a minor accident with a truck can leave you grappling with serious injuries. You may need months of intensive medical care to heal, and the long-term treatment costs can be huge. Because your settlement is likely to be much higher, you need to be more upfront with your legal battle. An attorney can be your trusted aide as you navigate the legal process.
  2. Insurance companies will be hard on you. If the claims adjuster knows that you don’t have an attorney, they will try to settle the claim for a small amount. Truck drivers have bigger policies, and these insurance companies have deep pockets. If you are not smart enough to discuss the settlement, you may get a much lower amount.
  3. Truck accidents are different. When two sedans or passenger vehicles are involved in a crash, finding fault is not very hard. However, truck accident claims often include many parties, including giant trucking companies and vehicle manufacturers. Even the company responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance could be a liable party. You need an attorney to investigate the case in detail.
  4. You may have to go to court. As per the statute of limitations, you have two years to file a truck accident lawsuit in California. If the matter doesn’t settle as expected, you will have to consider a trial, and without an attorney, you could be dealing with unexpected circumstances in court. Experienced injury lawyers know the legal tactics and can represent you in court.

If you are wondering whether you should hire a lawyer or can afford their services, remember that all truck accident claims are handled on a contingency fee. The lawyer doesn’t recover their payment until you get money through insurance or by filing a lawsuit. You don’t have to manage the stress alone when help is just a call away.

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