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  /  Finance   /  How Job-seekers Can Get Successful at Career Fairs
Career Fairs

How Job-seekers Can Get Successful at Career Fairs

Students always feel excited about career fairs. Universities arrange these fairs for their students. Career fairs are also termed as job fairs. The students can attend these events and take exams of different organisations as well. Based on the exam and interview, companies select students, and then offer them jobs.

Attending a career fair is way better than sitting at home and waiting for the phone to ring. If you can’t find a job there, don’t worry, at least you’ll experience a job interview. But remember, success should always be your priority. So to ensure this success, you can follow some steps. These are as follows;

Steps to be Successful at Career Fairs

Many job-seekers, or fresh graduates go to job fairs just for sightseeing. They don’t prepare themselves for the process, i.e. the tests, and interviews. It is the first mistake that they make. In this context, some of the ways shared by experts of you can follow for achieving success at a job fair are given below;

Start with a Goal or Objective

Career fairs offer you a great opportunity to learn about local job opportunities. And career fairs are also great networking events. Your objective is to find a job. Sometimes, you could find it at a job fair as well. But building networks through the career fairs will help you for sure. Your first, and foremost goal should be building networks with as many representatives as possible. It is necessary because they will consider you for future openings if you don’t get a job there. It would help if you didn’t go there without a clear objective in mind.

Pre-Register for Career Fair

By pre-registering for the career fair, you can get a look at the companies attending it. You can research the companies, and get to know the procedures that you should follow. You can go to the website of each company as well. You can also review the sections of mission, goals, and careers on the website. If all these things match your interest, you can go and take an interview there. It would be best if you took notes too. Hence, pre-registering for the career fair increases your chances of success.

Have a Clear Career Focus

A clear career focus is mandatory in the process of job hunting. At a career fair, be ready to answer the question, “Why are you here?”. Most of the recruiters will ask you this question to know about the level of your interest in a particular job. It would help if you were prepared to answer this question. A clear, and concise answer will help you in standing out among the other contestants. In fact, by answering this question, you will be providing key information to the recruiter about yourself. Hence, a clear focus is what’s required to become successful at a job fair.

Organise the Things a Day Before

Gather all the documents a day before the main event. The documentation can include copies of resumes, university degrees, and DMC. Preparing a day before the career fair helps in reducing stress on the day of that event. You should also decide on your attire, i.e. what you’ll be wearing.

Develop Tailored Resumes

Tailored resumes are the resumes that you can change according to need of the hour. Now once you’re done with the pre-selection of companies, the next step is dropping your resumes into those companies. But how you can drop the same resume in multiple companies? Every company will have a different mission statement. So it would help if you developed a separate resume for separate companies. 

After the Fair, Write Thank-you Emails to Recruiters

Now when you’ve met with all of the recruiters on your list, send them thank-you emails. It doesn’t matter if they offered you a job or not. You should write thank-you emails to them. It’s a nice touch, and will serve as a key action in your journey of job hunting. Remember to follow up with each recruiter around a week after the career fair.


Remember that a career fair is like a marathon, where everyone is rushing for individual success. You will not be the only one there seeking a job. But one thing which is possible. After following the steps mentioned above, you can become the winner. You can look for other ways of success on the internet as well apart from the ones mentioned within this article.

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