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  /  General   /  Stationery Design: Why You Need It When You Can Go Digital
Stationery Design: Why You Need It When You Can Go Digital

Stationery Design: Why You Need It When You Can Go Digital

The stationery design was the most popular component for social interaction back then. If you are aware of stationery, you know that it comes with letterhead, envelopes, business cards, pens, and any other office supplies. Collectively, the main purpose of business stationery is branding. This enlarges as marketing stationery and is utilized throughout the company or office. This is what makes a professional image among your other competitors. It also makes you look professional in front of your clients. Assist in establishing your brand and give you assent to stand out from the crowd.

However, this is a digital period and several companies convert towards the digital or an online world. Although so many customers are well-known with the digital dimension, yet they will be really impressed to receive stationery from a very famous company or business. A company that has customized stationery is going to build its self-image and will build its brand in a better way.

Why do people still use the stationery design?

Did this ever happen to you that you have seen a celebrity in a magazine of any of the fashion brands and then followed them on social media? Online and print media are combined very often. You might find your favorite author in print and then follow on any of the digital platforms.

The same happens in a business world where clients who have interacted with you through social platforms might be interested in your business stationery. Customized materials that have your company logo can assist your clients to identify you. Each and every detail of your stationery design will convey your brand message. You just need the quality and message of your brand to stand out in any way possible.

Tips to design the best possible stationery for your business

Try to keep it simple

It may seem exciting that your stationery has so many different styles and designs. But if your design is simple it would be more appealing to the audience. Put some elements to outshine in your design and keep the rest of the page clear. The cluttered and stuffed page doesn’t look good and feels overwhelming.

However, some of the things you should understand before designing are: the typography style should be limited, maximum of two typography styles would be enough. Use minimum colors, three different colors would be good to go and will keep your page clean and neat.

A simple stationery design can stop your page from overwhelming your information content. You need a design that can convey your message and make you look professional at the same time.

Be flexible

If you have hired a designer to assist you with designing, you should be responsive and flexible. It’s your job to guide the designer where you think you are not okay with the design and where everything is fine, you don’t really need any changes. However, if you decide to host the design contest, you should give each designer feedback. So that they can further decide whether they want to work with you or not.

 And if you find the design great then work with your designer closely till you are happy with the results. Or if you love more than one design, you can always ask for other people’s opinions. It will help you decide easily.

Be definitive

When you hire a designer for your business stationery, you should be more definitive and specific about everything. Decide the colors you should be using for printing, what kind of paper you need, the typography which will be good for you, and the format you are searching for. 

Provide all specifications to your expert, as well as the sizes you want in your corporate designs. Do you want a plain business card or one that folds up? Do you want your letters to be stamped? What colors do you prefer? What method will you use to print your cards? Every aspect will have an impact on your designs.

Be clear

While briefing your designer, give the designer as much information as you can. You should tell your designer if you have any specific color associated with your brand and provide a logo as well. If your designer understands the direction you’re going, he or she will be able to create a solution you’ll appreciate far more quickly. Assuming you do not have design data, describe your company’s aims, culture, and the message you want to convey with your stationery design.

Share your overarching idea or aim if you have one. If you don’t have any, discuss the feelings or meanings you’d like to evoke. A whimsical design is not the same as a highly professional one. The more direction you provide, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Organize your artwork

When it comes to business stationery, how you organize your designs matters a lot. You want your design stationery to be appealing, easy to read, and useful.

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