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  /  General   /  The Imani Showalter Girl Group

The Imani Showalter Girl Group

imani showalter girl group

Those who have seen the imani showalter girl group know that they are a group of talented and beautiful women who love each other and are very passionate about their career. While they are not the most famous, their talents are very impressive and they have the ability to bring the audience to their level of excitement. Their music and videos have the ability to be very popular and they can become a household name.

Relationship with Marvin Sapp

‘The Basketball Wives: Los Angeles’ star Imani Showalter is dating gospel star Marvin Sapp. The pair met last fall and have been spending a lot of time together.

Marvin has been a longtime gospel artist, and he has been nominated for seven Stellar Awards. He is also a pastor at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His wife, MaLinda, died of colon cancer in 2010. After losing her, he was forced to raise the kids on his own.

Marvin and Imani have been inseparable since then. They have attended events together and have been photographed together at several high profile gigs. They have also been spotted attending various church events.

According to a source, the two are expected to get married in the near future. The couple met in October and have been spending time together. Marvin has flown Imani to various engagements. Imani attended a church event in Chicago with Marvin in late December.

Marvin has had many women in his life, including a former fiance. He also has three children from his previous marriage. His kids are Mikaila, Maddinson, and Marvin II. The children are all 20 years old, and will turn 22 in 2022.

Marvin is a humble guy. He has been asked many times about his personal life and his dating interests. He has talked about how he is going through a difficult time as a single parent. He has also spoken about the loneliness that he feels in the world. He is sure that he will find the right person soon.

During his first season on ‘The Basketball Wives: Los Angeles’, Imani was vocal about not dating since splitting from her former fiance. She also refused to sign a pre-nuptial agreement with a member of the Jackson family.

Relationship with NBA player Stephen Jackson

During their time together, Stephen “Stak” Jackson and Imani Showalter became a fixture in the media. Although the couple was in a long-term relationship, they broke up a few years ago. In the ensuing years, Showalter moved to Los Angeles for a fresh start.

In 2011, she appeared on the show Basketball Wives: LA. She and her ex-fiance, Stephen Jackson, had two children. In 2015, Jackson filed for divorce from Showalter. But that was not the end of the story.

While Jackson has not spoken out about his relationship with Showalter, he has been known to be a generous child support payer. He has spent millions of dollars on child support for his daughter. But he has never seen his children.

According to a recent article in the Times of India, Jackson’s version of the demise of the couple is a little different than Showalter’s version. The former claims that Imani didn’t sign the prenup. The nanny, a close family friend, told Jackson that she would.

However, it was not until two weeks before the wedding that Jackson’s attorneys got a hold of Showalter and informed her that she didn’t have a prenup. Showalter said that she was reluctant to sign a document and had to put off signing it for a few weeks.

She eventually signed it. But not before she cried a little. After this, she posted a letter from her attorneys explaining her situation. She also claimed that it was a letter dated two weeks before the wedding.

She has since moved on with her life, and now posts sporadically to her Instagram account. In the meantime, she has two children with Stak.

Prenuptial agreement with Stephen Jackson

Apparently, Stephen Jackson and Imani Showalter dated for a while, but they didn’t actually get married until 2015. The couple had two children together, and Jackson even remained by her side during her divorce. But when they were about to get married, Imani Showalter didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement.

Stephen Jackson was engaged to Imani Showalter in 2005, but the wedding was called off when she refused to sign a prenuptial agreement. Jackson said he had asked her to sign it several times over a few months, but she would not.

Jackson’s lawyers sent a letter to Showalter two weeks before the wedding advising her of the prenup, but she hadn’t yet signed it. She later posted a letter from the lawyers on her Instagram account. It’s unclear why she decided to post the letter.

Stephen and Imani Showalter met in New York, where Jackson played for the San Antonio Spurs and Imani sang for a New York-based girl group. She was also in a relationship with Marvin Sapp, but left that one behind for good.

Jackson was eight years older than Imani, and they both inherited their mothers’ surnames. In 2003, Jackson won a championship with the San Antonio Spurs, and in 2004, he played for the Indiana Pacers. He also has a son with Showalter.

In the era of reality television, Imani Showalter became part of the public eye. She became a part of the show Basketball Wives: LA, and she even appeared on the show’s opening season. She later departed the show after finding her true passion.

Stephen Jackson and Imani Showalter were supposed to get married in Houston in 2005. When the show premiered, Jackson said he had a prenup with his mom, but Imani hadn’t yet signed it. She later cried and signed it herself.

Social media presence

During the first season of the reality show Basketball Wives LA, it was assumed that Imani Showalter was Stephen Jackson’s ex-wife. But after her ex-fiance announced his break up on Instagram Live, it was clear that the former couple had parted ways. Showalter and Jackson had been engaged for 10 years, but they never made it down the aisle. After leaving the show, Showalter has kept her profile quiet. She’s been sporadically posting on Instagram and has a small YouTube channel. She has less than 250 subscribers and a few videos on her page.

The couple’s break up was caused by Showalter’s refusal to sign a prenuptial agreement. According to Jackson, he canceled his wedding because he didn’t want to get married under the condition that he wouldn’t marry his ex-wife.

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