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  /  Education   /  What is the expected date and time for the IELTS paper 2022 result?
What is the expected date and time for the IELTS paper 2022 result

What is the expected date and time for the IELTS paper 2022 result?

British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia & Cambridge Assessment English will publish its results in April 2022 through its official website, Results will be announced depending on the type of IELTS test you have taken. Getting an IDP IELTS score is easy. 

The website will show results as band scores ranging from band 0 to band 9, with each band estimating English proficiency. You will receive an overall band score similar to each other for each part of the listening, reading, writing, and speaking tests.

Schedule for IELTS Results 2022

  • If you gave IELTS offline Paper-based test: Your results will be provided 13 days after completing your IELTS.
  • If you gave IELTS online Computer-based IELTS: You will be able to access your results 3-5 days after your exam appointment.
  • If you gave IELTS IELTS for UKVI: Your results will be uploaded 13 days after appearing for the test.
  • If you gave IELTS IELTS for Life Skills: Results will be accessible within 7 days of appearing for the test, and it will be available for 28 days. 

The Test Report Form or the TRF is a copy of the IELTS results. The TRF shows your scores in all four sections: reading, listening, writing, speaking, and the overall IELTS band score. The exam marks all five scores on a 9-Band scale. 

The TRF is only made available once to each candidate, which is valid for two years from the date of testing. 

However, another TRF is available for candidates applying for the USK Border Agency (UKBA) or the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). In such cases, two TRFs are available to the candidates.  

Calculating IELTS Band Score

To calculate your IELTS band score, all you need to do is take the mean (average) of scores obtained in all the test sections – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. 

The formula is the sum of scores of all the sections divided by 4. Suppose your calculated score bears a decimal point, then it will be rounded off to the closest half band or whole band. 

For instance, the average of your score is 6.75. In such cases, the score will be rounded off to the closest whole band, i.e., 7. Therefore, your final IELTS band score will be 7.  

Suppose the IELTS result is not as per your expectations and estimations. You can request a remark within the first six weeks after appearing for the test. This remark is also known as Enquiry on Results. Once you get remarked and your band score increases as compared to the original band score, IELTS will advance a refund payment.

Although there is no deadline to retake the IELTS exam, candidates must prepare well for re-appearing for the test. British Council-IDP provides multiple free IELTS preparation resources to get an improved band score. 

To download and check the IELTS Results:

How to get IELTS results through SMS? 

British Council, IDP provides SMS score services to candidates to allow them to check their results over SMS. 

To get IELTS result through SMS, type the code below in the message box:

“RESULT <Candidate number> <Passport number>”

Send the message to 9289892898.

How to check IELTS results through email?

The British Council, IDP sends an email to all students as soon as the IELTS score is declared. 

How to download IELTS results?

Step 1. To download or view the IELTS Results 2022, you must first visit the official website of the IDP International West Germanic Testing System. i. e, @

Step 2. When you visit the IDP IELTS official website, you will see the IELTS Results tab. Tap the option to be redirected to another web page.

Step 3. On the redirected web page, you will have to enter the provided credentials such as name, name, passport number, date of birth, etc. Enter all the provided credentials and tap the “Get Result” option to download or review the results 2022 at

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