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  /  General   /  Best Chocolate Cakes that you must try for any celebratory occasion

Best Chocolate Cakes that you must try for any celebratory occasion

It’s quite obvious that we feel much better when we get to taste various sorts of chocolate cakes. Cakes and chocolates are best among the rest and when they combine they make our world super special, creamy, utterly delicious and this helps everyone to pass over all sorts of sadness, and sufferings of their lives as they take a slice of this chocolaty deliciousness. Some want to prepare their chocolate cake in their way whereas the rest of us prefer to place an order from a reputable online cake shop to satisfy our cake desires. Undoubtedly, every one of us has tasted chocolate cakes, but do you have an idea about the different amazing kinds of chocolate cakes, that occurs in the cake world? We are quite sure not that some of us don’t know about this, and therefore we made a small research and made this following blog just for you.

  1. Pinata chocolate cakes:

Pinata cakes are the current trend in the baking business, yet the pinata chocolate cakes have so far kick-started to make themselves popular in this race as if they have been standing in the first position. The thought to crack open the outer thick chocolate shell and then to uncover the lip-smacking chocolate cake placed in it seems to be sufficient to make you and your special ones drool over it. You can place an order for online cake delivery and get it to your house promptly without any fail.

  1. Rum chocolate cakes:

This is an exceptional one that will pull off your parties as you get this sort of unique chocolate cake into it. This special chocolate cake infused with rum can truly serve to be a big hit on every celebratory occasion of someone’s life. Bakers use vanilla, maple syrup, sprinkle a bit of coffee and lastly prepare the cake with a polished layer of blended rum and chocolate frosting which doubles up the taste of the cake.

  1. Oreo chocolate cakes:

You can never doubt the delicacy of the Oreo flavour. The Oreo chocolate cakes are an excellent blend of chocolate and our all-time-preferable Oreo biscuits. This specific cake gives a crumbly flavour along with a creamy texture. They are filled with delicious cream and crackling bits of Oreo cookies. Irrespective of every age group, nobody can deny the deliciousness of Oreo cake. Send cake to Bangalore, Delhi, Pune or any other cities as per your choice and make your loved one feel special.

  1. Nuts chocolate cakes:

Some of us are highly conscious about our diet, but at the same time, we crave to get the taste of scrumptious chocolate cakes. To balance both things, you can add some nuts while preparing the chocolate cake and then you can make the coating with some almonds or cashews once the cake is baked. The crispiness of the nuts doubles the delicacy of the chocolate cake in such a way that you cannot deny having a bite of it.

  1. Truffle chocolate cakes:

Well, when it comes to chocolate truffle cakes you simply cannot deny their deliciousness. It is prepared with melted dark chocolate ganache thereby making it super rich and moist. Apart from this, its fluffy cake layers serve to be an amazing choice. If any special occasion is making its way, you can simply go for a lip-smacking chocolate truffle cake and you can also order gifts online to make the moment even more delightful.

  1. Lava chocolate cakes:

Amongst all the cakes, chocolate lava cakes are widely popular and well as loved by millions of people across the globe. Irrespective of any season or weather, you can always go for a lava cake. This cake is prepared just like other chocolate cakes, but the unique part about this cake is they are extra moist and have a warm chocolaty filling inside. Can you skip this mouthwatering dessert? Of course not! They usually come in small cupcake sizes, thereby making them look and feel all the more attractive.

  1. Fudge chocolate cakes:

Here comes the cake for all the fudge lovers! Fudge cakes were genuinely considered as the most favourable type of chocolate cake when it comes to the thickness or the composition that they signify. Undoubtedly, this cake serves to be a delightful dessert because of its consistency, texture and being exceptionally moist. We bet that you will never regret, once you get the taste of this chocolate cake.

Whether it is Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or New Year, you can never ignore having a delicious cake for the respective celebratory occasion. Most of us are chocolate lovers and therefore we must get our hands on different types of existing chocolate cakes. This will not just embellish the environment of the party, but also it will boost your mood.

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