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Craigslist 2022

While Craigslist, the e-commerce web site remains associate option, it’s simple to seek out alternatives for love or money you may want to shop for or sell. And in terms of finding a job, date, or a replacement roommate, there are safer and easier-to-navigate on-line alternatives to Craigslist.1

whether or not you wish to sell your car, buy new area furniture, find a designer gown, or a new keeper for your kid, there are mobile apps and e-commerce marketplaces dedicated to entire classes of product and services. Whittling down your choices thusund|may appear} overwhelming at first, so we’ve rounded up ten alternatives to Craiglist to help you buy, sell, associated seek for all the items you wish or want, from a replacement home to new help.


• whereas Craigslist remains one in every of the most important on-line classifieds sites, there are several Craiglist alternatives.

• Morphing from an auction to a merchandising model, eBay functions as a classified site; it additionally includes a classifieds section.

• focuses on providing workers with home-based help, from babysitters to housekeepers.


• because of scammers hit Craiglist, specialised housing sites like, Zillow, and Trulia are usually safer alternatives for locating a rental or home to buy.

• Meta, erst Facebook, has become a big classifieds player with its Facebook Marketplace.


Craigslist Drawbacks

For all its capabilities, Craigslist comes with many notable drawbacks. For one, the site’ sheer size works against users at times. Sellers in standard categories, cherish assets and automotive, complain that at intervals quarter-hour of their posts going live, they’re already relegated to the second page, having been supplanted by dozens of more moderen ads from competitors. Craigslist has additionally long been a magnet for scam artists. Unscrupulous sellers usually post dishonest  ads that appear as if nice deals, however they will extract and exploit money data from naive and unsuspecting buyers.

whereas Craigslist’ simplicity remains standard (you will search by town, city, state, and country) among users, the location has some options that would stand to be updated. Most notable among these are users’ ability to kind at intervals classes supported price, distance, and alternative specifications. In addition, the interface templet style hasn’t modified a lot of since its inception. In 2019, the corporate side a basic app, but its essential design is very just like the website.3

Alternatives Of Craigslist

1. eBay Classifieds

the most important buy/sell site within the world launched the classifieds site beneath the name Kijiji in 2005 in Canada. the location launched in the U.S. in 2007 and was rebranded as eBay Classifieds in 2010.4 Still, users can even produce Classified Ads, that are searchable listings from eBay’ homepage. classes vary from visit funerals.6

This various offers consumers many benefits over Craigslist. First, its kind operate is much a lot of advanced and far easier to use. A client can sort things at intervals a class by price, distance, or however recently the post was created with many clicks. fingernail photos of the merchandise accompany ad listings, saving consumers time since they’ll scroll right past ads with trashy stock photos or, worse, no photos at all.

Notably, eBay Classifieds additionally give sellers with many edges Craigslist lacks. A Craigslist ad in most classes disappears from the location once seven days, though it usually becomes buried deep enough within the search results to become digressive long before that. On eBay Classifieds, ads keep live for thirty days.6 whereas an ad’ general visibility steady decreases over that period, it still shows up in additional targeted queries long after it’s posted, because of the web site’ advanced kind and search functions. eBay is simple to use, and also the site provides useful marketer and client data like ratings and regeneration to assist you navigate off from potential scams.7

2. Facebook Marketplace

whereas not a strictly classified site, Facebook has enabled several of its users to shop for and sell product a lot of quickly and with more convenience and security than Craigslist. it’s 2 options: Facebook Marketplace and Facebook purchase and Sell Groups. To sell one thing on Facebook, a user will post a standing update with an image of the item, a quick description, and also the price. The user will request his friends to share the post with their friend lists. albeit solely some will so, the post’ exposure can multiply quickly.

many folks are more well-off merchandising on Facebook than on Craigslist or alternative classified web sites as a result of they’re managing friends or, at worst, friends of friends, as against strangers. News reports have featured documented cases of robberies and violence stemming from unskilled Craigslist transactions.8 employing a social media site to sell an item provides a security layer and peace of mind not out there on most online classified sites.

3. Poshmark

merchandising used vesture and accessories or shopping for them as a result of it’s an environmentally acutely aware and cheap thanks to update your wardrobe, Poshmark, could be a one-stop e-commerce search. you’ll be able to sell or purchase things for pets, kids, men, women, and your home. consider it as an internet consignment shop with many brand-name items, like Nike, Calvin Klein, Coach, and Chanel.

Poshmark has over eighty million community members across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, with over two hundred million sale items.9 It’ simple to list your items purchasable by uploading a picture onto the app with its sale price. the corporate provides its sellers with a pre-addressed, free label to use once you send the merchandise to the purchaseer, and you’ll be able to have the box picked up at no cost or drop it off at a United States Postal Service mailbox. not like merely listing an item on Craiglist, you pay Poshmark a fee within the sort of a flat commission ($2.95 for love or money beneath $15) or 20% of your total sale price of an item on top of that amount.10 Its end-to-end platform makes it a straightforward thanks to buy or sell a good variety of fashion and home-related products.11

If you’re trying to find a date or a companion, you won’t find it on Craiglist. the corporate interrupted its personal ads in 2018.12


If you are looking for an housing on-line, this site includes a heap to offer, from a positive name within the rental market and a tool that permits you to look specific neighborhoods, and you’ll be able to additionally search by keyword. There are actually immeasurable listings. the web site has a wealth of online tools, like 3D interactive tours of residences to data on market trends, neighborhood schools, and alternative helpful data for potential renters. the location boasts of 1.1 million residences for rent at any given time and permits you to drill down on what you need, from a pet-friendly walk-up to a luxury condominium.13

If you wish to rent your apartment out, the site will assist you lease it online, whether or not you’re a personal owner or the owner of multiple apartment buildings.14 Craiglist still will an enormous business in rentals, and landlords or folks sorting out spacemates can post their out there apartment or room on the site. Still, Craigslist doesn’t forever vet posters carefully, and also the tools (and seemingly peace of mind) offered by alternatives like might not be ready to compete.


From freelance work to full-time  opportunities, nearly all types of job is listed on, and this alternative to Craiglist’ job postings could be a all-out job-hunting website. you’ll be able to post your resume and raise to be matched to potential employers, and there’s a corresponding app so you can job hunt from your movable or laptop, too. Indeed offers several tools to assist you along with your job hunt, including reviews of companies, an internet career guide, and a hunt tool that enables you to capture salaries.15


Craiglist interrupted its personal ads in 2018, and even then, the dearth of vetting and oversight created it a probably risky thanks to meet your date or future mate.12 the quantity of qualitative analysis apps has soared within the last decade from Bumble to punk (also owned  by the Match Group) as online dating became the norm, particularly among millennials. However, in 2022, attained laptop magazine’ vote because the best dating app for long relationships. With a monthly fee of $44.99, It prices over a number of the newer apps.16 Still, it remains standard since its institution in 1995, due partly to its positive user ratings. the upper price could also be worthwhile if you’re trying to find a relationship instead of a fast rendezvous.17

7. Zillow

you’ll be able to buy, rent, or sell a home on Zillow, and find valuable tools and tips for house hunting, finding a mortgage lender, assets agent, or maybe an enclosed decorator. The browsing feature on Zillow permits you to look multiple listings in your required town, city, or state hierarchic by price, heap size, variety of rooms, and alternative settings.18

Zillow will assist you realize a true factor to point out you the home, and a few listings supply a virtual 3D tour. This various to accommodate searching on Craigslist, that generally offers restricted information, offers grade of expertise and tools and knowledgeable recommendation required for such a significant business transaction. Besides, the sheer volume of homes, townhouses, and condominiums out there on Zillow create it house hunters’ virtual paradise. could be a nice alternative to Craiglist for browsing and shopping for vintage and antique items while not having to depart your home to attend an publicized  garage or garage sale in-person.

8. Carvana

shopping for a second hand automobile on-line {may be|could additionally be|is also} a small amount of a gamble, however Carvana provides a 360-degree read of cars online (all accident-free vehicles) and can deliver your ride right to your home. you’ll be able to purchase one in every of Carvana’ cars by funding it, holding your car as a down payment, or pay outright in cash. the corporate also offers a seven-day take a look at to possess and a 100-day warranty. in keeping with its website, 80% of consumers favor to finance their purchase with Carvana, however you’ll be able to additionally use a third-party lender.19 Carvana permits you to look their inventory with filters for create and model, features, price, fuel potency (yes, they provide electrical automobiles), and a lot of to assist you cut down on the most effective car for you.20

you’ll be able to also sell or trade your car on Carvana by sharing details concerning the vehicle. Potential sellers can receive a firm offer once their application is reviewed, and a representative from the corporate will return to your house, review the car, and hand you a check or a holding car.21


another to Craiglist {for realizeing|for locating} a keeper or child care supplier is based in 2007, provides a platform for caregivers and families seeking help. offers connections for those in want of kid care, senior care, special wants care, pet care, housekeeping, and tutors, complete with background checks. Those operating in caregiving fields will use care to access jobs and benefits, and tools to assist them job hunt and find colleagues at intervals an internet community. Families can hunt for native caregivers by sign language up for a basic (free) or premium account (an annual fee of $156) with

10. Etsy

once e-commerce marketplace Etsy opened its virtual doors in twenty05, it absolutely was embraced as an internet community for crafters, hobbyists, and artists.23 Fans of vintage things and heirlooms found bargains also on Etsy. the location has enlarged within the last sixteen years into a sprawling market. Etsy is wherever you’ll be able to purchase and sell original, hand-crafted home goods, toys, clothing, vintage items (items should be 20 years or older), and antiques, and original design and materials for crafting your projects.24

Scammers exist all over however primarily online. once looking on sites like Facebook Marketplace, ne’er acquire one thing in advance, and don’t meet a marketer anyplace you are doing not feel comfortable, cherish their home or allow them to into your home, if you’ll be able to facilitate it.

Sellers can list their wares for twenty cents per listing and are hit with 5% of the value and shipping prices as a group action fee for exploitation the platform. Shoppers can use the e-commerce site’ easy-to-navigate search choices and check-out tools like Etsy’ Editors’ Picks. And there are specialised classes like Black-owned Etsy shops, Gifts beneath $30, and Etsy Weddings, and the marketplace is employed by immeasurable entrepreneurs and shoppers worldwide.25

the lowest Line

Craigslist is an internet marketplace contender, however there are many alternatives to that in 2021 to shop for and sell product and services. And If you wish to travel on the far side e-commerce, consignment stores and used bookstores still be standard places to sell your stuff.

the task boards on Craiglist might not be ready to complete with LinkedIn and so for job hunters, and even gig opportunities may be found online on sites like Fiverr and TaskRabbit while not having to battle through Craiglist posts. In the mid-90s, Craiglist could have the go-to for locating a rental or a home to buy, however with Trulia,, Zillow, and alternative web sites like them, it’s a lot of easier (and some might say safer) to seek out an area to measure via a specialised site than Craiglist.

This old-school e-commerce expertise could also be a lot of helpful for finding local, used home product (think, used outside furnishings or firewood) than a replacement roommate, babysitter, or job.

Is There another to Craigslist Personals?

Craigslist hasn’t run personal ads since 2018, but the net qualitative analysis market is saturated with alternatives., Bumble, and are 3 standard qualitative analysis web sites wherever subscribers will post a private profile, rental others apprehend what they’re seeking, whether or not it’s a possible married person or an off-the-cuff encounter.

What Replaced Craigslist for Dating?

Craigslist didn’t replace its personal ads, however there are many on-line dating apps and websites out there online, as mentioned above. Some are free, et al you pay a fee for posting your profile.

Is Letgo higher Than Craigslist?

Letgo could be a mobile app purchased by OfferUp in 2020. It now not exists as a complete site or app however was absorbed by OfferUp. This web site claims it’s the “largest mobile marketplace within the U.S, with over ninety million app downloads and immeasurable buyers.”26 The marketplace OfferUp could be a mobile app versus an actual website like and permits sellers to form profiles of themselves to utilize merchandising and buying. Is it higher than Craigslist? OfferUp is a strong on-line marketplace with a a lot of simple and more fashionable interface and knowledge than its competitor, Craigslist.27

Do folks Still Use Craigslist?

Absolutely. you’ll be able to search your native space on Craigslist and realize used furniture, cars, rentals, associated even jobs. However, as a result of such a big amount of Craiglist alternatives exist, it’s now not a one-stop looking powerhouse once it debuted in 1995.

Why will Craigslist Charge $5?

Posting on Craiglist is free in some categories. For example, if you wish to sell your grandmother’ china, the post is liberal to put abreast of Craigslist. If you want to rent your Boston-based apartment, it’ll price you $5 to place up an ad. And if you’re posting concerning jobs, it might cost you anyplace from $3 to $75. In most cases, Craiglist solely charges for ads announce by automobile dealers or realtors in business assets and people posting concerning short gigs and job opportunities.

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