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  /  Tech   /  Web Design Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know
Web Design Statistics

Web Design Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

Statistics and data trends play a crucial role in business decision-making. So every business owner needs to be aware of some web design statistics if they wish to create a website for their business. Over 4 billion people use the internet, so to attract this huge online user base every business should be on the internet. But how is this possible? By creating your business website. 

First, you need to design a website before publishing it online. To give you an idea of what type of web designs work nowadays, here we are listing 8 web design statistics that you as a business owner should know. All these web design statistics will provide you with a base for creating web designs that will attract maximum visitors. Let’s get started without any delay. 

  1. As per the data of Top Design Firms, 2021, 32 percent of small businesses have a mobile app, 42 percent plan to create the app in the future, and 26 percent are unlikely to ever create or release one. 

According to these statistics, a portion of small businesses has their mobile app to offer a better user experience while some are planning to do so in the future. But due to other factors, some will never create one. Investing in building a mobile app depends on various factors ranging from industry, the budget, target audience to marketing capabilities, and others. 

  1. According to GoodFirms, 2021, 73.1 percent of web designers say most of the visitors leave a website because of a non-responsive design 

Since billions of people access the internet through their mobile phones, your website must cater to all screen sizes. Most web designers and web design companies say that a non-responsive site is a top reason that visitors might leave a website. Other reasons for visitors leaving a site might be slow speed, poor navigation, and poor content structure.

  1. 53.8 percent i.e., more than half of web designers say the top reason for redesigning a website is that the site is not responsive on all devices. 

Most web designers believe that one of the top reasons for redesigning a website is their non-responsiveness on all devices. So, if your website is not responsive on all devices, you need to spend on redesigning your website. Other reasons for redesigning could be the low conversion rate, better UX requirement, high bounce rate, etc. 

  1. Nearly 40 percent of consumers value images on a company website, 39 percent color, and 21 percent video. 

The top visual elements valued by visitors of a website are images, colors, and videos. As per the data, maximum consumers value images, then color, and at last value video. So, if you want consumers to spend more time on your website, you should start adding images and better colors to your website. Then, you should also add a few quality videos based on your consumer choice and interest. 

  1. Most web designers (84.6 percent) say that the most common mistake of small businesses is having crowded web design. 

More than 80% of web designers believe that the most common mistake that small businesses make is to have a crowded web design while creating their websites. This doesn’t imply that you should not add images, videos, and other elements but this simply means you should keep minimal things that also look attractive at first sight. 

  1. According to Top Design Firms, 2021 statistics, nearly 42 percent of people leave a website because of the poor function of the site. 

The pretty looks of your website will not be so pretty if the site is not easy to use and navigate. If this is the case, then most of the visitors will leave the site in seconds. People need smooth functioning, so your website should have smooth navigation.

  1. Nearly 38.5 percent of web designers say that one of the top reasons why visitors leave a website is their outdated or old design. 

Web designers claim that apart from non-responsive design and functionality issues having an outdated design is also one of the top reasons for leaving the website. Every website becomes outdated after 1.5-2.5 years, so you need to incorporate new features, designs, and colors into your website to give it a fresh feel. 

  1. While visiting a website for the first time, 22 percent of consumers look for eye-catching and attention-grabbing colors whereas 21 percent will leave the site having “outlandish” colors. 

Based on these statistics, the conclusion drawn here is that you need to maintain a balance. Choose the eye-catching colors for the website and opt for neutral backgrounds. Also, you can always take inspiration from businesses in your industry. 

Hope this helps you in understanding the industry and market trends. Now you can start creating a website based on customer expectations and choices. Happy making. 

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